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Meet Our Team

13 Team Members
  • Peace Health Plastic Surgery

    Peace Health Plastic Surgery

    Peace Health Plastic Surgery

    The Peace Health Team is composed of Dr. Champaneria, Dr. Gabriel, and a wonderfully talented and compassionate staff.

  • Melissa Mohr

    Melissa Mohr

    Clinic Supervisor

    Melissa Mohr is the Clinic Supervisor for PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery and she keeps the office organized and patients informed.

  • Dr. Manish Champaneria

    Dr. Manish Champaneria

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Manish Champaneria is a plastic surgeon in the Portland metro area specializing in advanced cosmetic surgical techniques and compassionate care.

  • Dr. Allen Gabriel

    Dr. Allen Gabriel

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Allen Gabriel is an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in the Portland metro area.

  • Kally Peterson

    Kally Peterson

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    Kally Peterson is a Licensed Practical Nurse who enjoys helping patients stay comfortable during their procedure by supporting their medical care.

  • Sarah Holmes

    Sarah Holmes

    Medical Assistant

    Sarah Holmes educates and guides patients through the different surgeries and procedures for a positive experience in her role as a Medical Assistant.

  • Ashley Brierley

    Ashley Brierley

    Master Aesthetician

    Ashley Brierley is a licensed Master Aesthetician who helps patients prolong their surgical improvements with skincare treatments and education.

  • Jauna Bottemiller

    Jauna Bottemiller

    Master Aesthetician

    Jauna Bottemiller is PeaceHealth’s Medical Spa licensed Master Aesthetician, certified laser specialist, and expert in skincare products.

  • Ava Asher

    Ava Asher

    Patient Access Representative

    Ava Asher works hard in her role as Patient Access Representative to help the patient and doctors communicate with each other for a great experience.

  • Jeni Nehring

    Jeni Nehring

    Patient Access Representative

    Jeni Nehring guarantees that every patient at PeaceHealth will have their best experience as a caring, professional Patient Access Representative.

  • Latasha Turner

    Latasha Turner

    Surgery Coordinator

    Latasha Turner works with the patient’s schedule, the surgeon’s schedule, and the facility’s availability as Surgery Coordinator at PeaceHealth.

  • Jami Rice

    Jami Rice

    Physician Assistant

    Jami Rice is a Physician Assistant at PeaceHealth Plastic Surgery who assists Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Champaneria with medical care for the patients.